Building a relationship with your dog

A great relationship is something everyone wants with their dog. How we get there is something that is wildly disagreed about. Some folks think giving their dog only love and affection is the way to go. Why wouldn’t my dog love me if I love him and give him lots of affection. Then there’s the folks that agree with that and also believe giving them lots of toys and special things to chew on will give them the best relationship they could have with their dog.

Well, I’m not so sure about that. I see lots of dogs that their owners give them a ton of love and affection and they make sure they have lots of toys, treats and all the good things. But still they don’t have the relationship they’d hope for or the good dog. They struggle to figure out why. Maybe, just maybe it’s because of what they are doing or not doing. Mostly the not doing part is where things go wrong.

If you are always giving your dog the things that make you feel good and never giving your dog the information, he needs along with no structure, rules or holding your dog accountable you will never build a good relationship with your dog. There will be a lack of trust, and believability. Your dog will just look at you as a resource and not a leader which, is what dogs are looking for and need. They don’t know how to live in your world and if you don’t take the time to teach them you will not have a good relationship or a good dog. They will struggle with what you are asking of them and you will struggle trying to have a good relationship and the dog you hoped for.

So, take the time to teach and lead your dog. Give them the information they need to live in your world. Don’t just do what makes you feel good but do what makes both of you feel good and have a great relationship and a long life together leadership.

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