Fun with your dog


Having fun with your dog is great, it’s what we want. But when is fun fun and when is it not so good.

I don’t’ mean that fun is not good. What I’m saying is that not all fun is good for some dogs. For instance, if your dog is wildly out of control, doesn’t listen and has no structure. Letting him run crazy is not a good thing. All it does is keep your dog in an excitable and aroused state of mind where he won’t listen to you or at least not how you would like. If you don’t have an on off switch with your dog, then it could just keep your dog in a bad state of mind. Letting your dog run crazy with other dogs, running them as fast as they can go will wear them out but, that’s all it will do and only for a short period of time. They will still be crazy and not listening.

A good thing to do is control your dog’s excitement and arousal. Give them structure, rules and boundaries and hold them accountable for breaking commands. You will have more fun with your dog and life together will be much more enjoyable.

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