Correcting your dog

When it comes to correcting your dog there are lots of ideas and suggestions. In the beginning we don’t correct for non-compliance, only for unwanted behavior. Such as jumping on people, counter surfing, biting, growling at people and for any bad unwanted things.
For us, we don’t correct dogs until we feel the dog understands what we are asking of them. If your dog doesn’t understand what you are asking, of course your dog has a high chance of doing the command wrong.
Your dog doesn’t understand language and doesn’t rationalize as most humans do. They can learn to do a command and connect it to a word/sound by doing it over and over again until they can associate the sound of the word with the guidance you are giving them and put things together. Then your dog should understand your language. Until then your dog will make mistakes and if your dog doesn’t understand what is being asked, it is totally unfair to correct the dog.
On the other hand, if you have to correct your dog over and over again, your dog doesn’t understand what is being asked and needs more training to get a better understanding. But if you have taken the time and feel that your dog is just being non-compliant, then they should be corrected.
So, in place of correcting your dog train your dog.

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