Arousal the enemy

It seems to be a number one issue with dogs and the number one reason why folks either train or give up their dogs. That jumping on guest, running out the door, barking excessively, being destructive, stealing food from the table, getting into the garbage, digging in the yard, nipping, biting and all the other things you don’t want your dog doing are more than likely from arousal.

How does a dog become aroused? It usually starts right away as soon as most folks get a puppy/dog. It’s a very happy exciting moment and baby schema has taken affect. You want your pup/dog to have fun you want to enjoy your new friend, your sole mate. So, you do everything for the them and let them just run around jumping and playing with other puppies and dogs go on play dates and meeting new friends. What a lovely sight, it makes you feel so good. But the effect will wear off and sometimes pretty quick.

Not only with the dogs we see from owners but especially dogs we see from rescues arousal is why the dog is behaving the way it is. That’s why you can’t get the dog to listen to you or pay attention. It’s because all the dog knows is fun, fun, fun. The time wasn’t taken to first teach the dog how you want it to be but instead used for fun and the things that made everyone feel good but had little benefit for the dog.

It’s not that you shouldn’t have fun with your dog, it’s that the fun should be structured and limited. Spend the first few months or longer teaching your dog the things you want from your dog and how to behave. You will enjoy and have more fun with your dog for years or your dog can just have fun and you won’t for years.

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