How to have your puppy be a good dog

It’s not what most folks think. Actually, we do things a little different then most.

I know when you get a puppy all you’re thinking about is how cute it is and how much fun you are going to have together. Without the proper guidance, rules, structure and boundaries it won’t turn out like you hope. It could end up being a nightmare. We’ve seen it too many times.

We like to start right away teaching the pup how we want it to be in the future not just right now. We do this by limiting arousal. It is the number one enemy! If you enjoy your pup running around being crazy doing what ever it wants. Be prepared to have that same mentality in your dog. Because your now older dog will be running around crazy doing what it wants, and you will be frustrated.

Crate train your puppy. Your pup should be in a crate at night for sure and be in its crate anytime you are gone or can’t supervise your pup 100%. The crate limits free roaming and keeps your pup doing things you will regret.

Work with your pup. Use your pups daily kibble as treats for training. There are lots of sits, downs, places and other behaviors to be rewarded in a cup of kibble. Take the time to teach your pup, it won’t figure things out on its own. You owe it to your pup.

Take your pup out and about for walks and dog friendly places. This will allow your pup to experience the world and become socialized. Don’t let people you don’t know pet your pup. More than likely they will do it wrong and excite your pup teaching it to be excited when it sees new people. Don’t let your pup meet strange dogs especially on leash. You never know what could happen. It could set your pup up for a bad experience and mess things up for life.

Be patient and calm it’s very important. Correct your pup when necessary. It won’t ruin your relationship it will build believability. Advocate for your pup it will build trust.

Be careful of affection. Affection given in the wrong circumstances could be a killer. Give affection when appropriate like when your pup is being good.

Most of all be consistent about how you are with your pup. Build a routine and pattern your pup. Please, don’t get caught up in my pup is smart and can already do things mentality. Because I will guarantee you your pup does not know the thing you think it does it only knows how to perform tricks and when you need your pup to be good it won’t happen.

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