You can’t have a good dog without teaching it how to be good.

Too many people think dogs just know how to live in their world and be a good dog. But truth is dogs know how to live in their world and your two worlds will crash. It may take a bit, but it will happen.

Folks get caught up with the idea that their dog is smart. Compared to what? Your dog will eat garbage, dig a hole in the middle of your lawn, chew you shoes, destroy your furniture and what ever else they feel are smart things to do in their world.  Unfortunately, the dog will be doing exactly what it thinks is right.

If you don’t take the time to be consistent, hold your dog accountable and teach it how to live in your world it won’t be good. Oh, you’ll say how good your dog is and go on and on about all the fun things but forget about mentioning the things that aren’t so good. That’s where you need to focus. Good things just seem to come but the really good things that you thought you would have with your dog are missing. Be the owner you committed to when you first got your dog. Not the one that just settles and now just has a dog that’s an ornament at the house.

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