Place command

The place command is probably one of the most liked commands we teach dogs/puppies. The place command differs from just a down by being on an object with a perimeter. It’s not only a command it’s where your dog can learn to relax and just hang out with life going on around them without roaming around mindlessly with their snout in everything. It gives them a place to just hang out.

When that doorbell rings does your dog get excited run to the door jump on the visitor? How about when your preparing dinner or eating is your dog under foot seeing what they can get? Has your dog claimed the couch making it furry and dirty? Or does your dog just wonder around looking for a place it wants to lay down?

What if you teach your dog place? The doorbell rings your dog stays on the cot not jumping on the visitor or running out the door. While you’re cooking or eating your dog is laying down on a cot out of the way not tripping you up or begging. What if your dog lays on a cot instead of the couch? You can enjoy a nice clean couch without dog hair all over it. Instead of just letting your dog wonder around laying down wherever it wants. Teach your dog the place command. Your dog will have a place to just hang out stay out of trouble, enjoy life and leave the problems to the humans and be the good dog you hoped for.

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