Redirecting your dog

What is redirecting your dog? Well as I see it it’s having your dog do something you want rather than what there’re doing that you don’t want. What I hear all the time is if you’re walking your dog and your dog reacts to another dog you should redirect them. It’s a good ideal but if your dog doesn’t understand what your redirecting them to, they are probably going to be confused and keep doing what they are doing and amping up just as you will be.

I also hear the same thing if your dog runs to the door barking at whoever is there and jumping on them. Redirect them they say. Well once again a good ideal. But if your dog doesn’t understand what you’re directing them to it won’t turn out like you hope.

There are many situations that come up with your dog and what do they say, “redirect them”.

It’s exactly what I do redirect that is. It may not seem like it but that’s what I’m doing. I may have to correct my dog once or twice holding them accountable but it’s better than correcting them over and over firmer and firmer and them wondering what the heck. The difference is that I practice with my dogs so that when I redirect them, they know what I’m asking. When the doorbell rings I have my dogs in place. Why so I can redirect them to place and hold them accountable rather than charging the door. When I say go to place, they redirect to place instead of looking at me and saying, “But I want the dude at the door”. Sorry but you need to go to place and be good.

Take the time to teach your dog in a calm manner in a quite environment until your dog understands what the command is then slowly add in distractions and then practice in different environments, so your dog is prepared to be redirected. Give your dog and yourself the best opportunity to be successful. If you’re not prepared you will struggle if your dog isn’t prepared it won’t be good.

So, redirecting is a good ideal but if your dog doesn’t understand what your redirecting them to… well good luck.

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