Retractable Leashes


Lots of folks use retractable leashes with good intentions of doing what they feel, or think is good for their dog. Some of them or the larger amount use them because their dog pulls on the leash and chokes. Some of these folks find out that their dog still pulls. So then beside the retractable leash they use a harness, the dog still pulls but it’s not choking itself and that makes them feel better.

The thing is the dog has not learned anything except to keep doing what it has been doing and the human likes it. What these owners should do is teach their dog how to walk on a legal six-foot or less leash. I say legal because the law is that the dog must be on a six foot or less leash and owner must maintain control of their dog. That means if you have your dog on a retractable leash longer than six feet and something happens to your dog or your dog does something not good you are totally responsible for what happens and the outcome.

The best thing to do is take the time to teach your dog how to walk properly on a legal leash. It’s part of advocating for your dog. If you and your dog struggle with walking in a nice position and your dog pulls on the leash you may want to try some different tools to help such as a prong collar or a halti. Introduce them, use them properly and this will be the start of a great new world for you and your dog.

The time you spend working and training your dog to walk properly is time spent building a bond, trust, and believability with your dog. It’s just all around good for you and your dog. So, taking the time to teach your dog how to walk on a proper leash will be the beginning of what your dog can learn and save you from embarrassment when you have your dog out and about if you can even take your dog out.

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