Nutrition for the health of your dog

If your dog has allergies, chronic illness, or even age related ailments such as slowing down or joint pain. Just by changing ¼ of your dog’s dry kibble to fresh vegetables/fruits, you can see changes in energy level, allergies may be reduced, and you may also see some improvement in chronic illnesses. 


There are many benefits to proper nutrition such as:

Digestion and elimination
Immunity and disease prevention
Muscle tone and body condition
Skin and coat health

There is an overwhelming number of pet food formulas and brands available on the market, which can very confusing. We can provide recommendations based on the health and appearance of your dog.


There are many factors to consider when selecting the best nutritional plan for your dog such as:

  • Age
  • overall health
  • digestive health
  • skin and coat
  • joint health
  • activity level
  • weight

We offer valuable nutritional information, along with assistance with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your dog’s diet or feeding habits.


Phone consult 30 minutes $25 / 60 minutes $45


****our most requested service a demo at our facility 60-90 minutes for $155 and includes the product made and a vitamin supplement****


We will discuss your dog’s overall health, type of food and feeding schedule. We will determine if the current kibble is beneficial or does there need to be a change to your dog’s current diet. We will discuss different options for nutritional balanced meals for your dog. Once we have decided which meal plan, we will schedule a follow-up for detailed diet information and recipes.

For dogs that have medical issues we will work in tandem with your veterinarian to create the best balance diet for your dog’s nutritional needs.

****Our demo it includes consultation, a review of your dogs overall health and nutritional needs, all ingredients to make the fresh food, and 10 lbs of food to take home along with a vitamin supplement



Diets and supplements

We will design a diet that best suits your dogs needs and show you how to add the proper vegetables/fruits to dry kibble, homemade cooked recipes and raw recipes as well as extra nutritional additives. Specialty diets for dogs with medical issues will be designed and followed by your veterinarian as well.

  • Dry kibble with added vegetables
  • Home cooked
  • Raw
  • Specialty diets
  • PetPro powder
  • System Saver
  • CBD oils

****once you submit a contact form you will receive an email from our scheduler with the first avail dates and the invoice for services requested.