We have the answers you’re looking for.  We train puppies to older dogs to be a part of your family.  We specialize in obedience training, which includes heeling on the walk, sit, down, place command, recall or come to owner. We offer on-going support and after-care for all of our clients for the life of the dog. You must remember that once we are through, the dog training is not finished. We have expectations for our clients to continue with walks, training sessions, consistency, and structure. Obedience training is fluid and never stagnant, because we are working with highly intelligent animals, able to think, learn, and make decisions, which always requires a strong commitment on the owner’s end. The goal is to provide continuous and trustworthy leadership every day for the rest of your dog’s life, so your dog can live in a relaxed, healthy, and happy state of mind.



We love having such a great resource (Sofu) to turn to. Very upfront, honest team with proven results!


Debbie Y.

Animal Rescue Friends

Animal Rescue Friends

* I personally had a session with one of my dogs and was very impressed with their training techniques!

Joanne M @Furever K9 Adoptions

Furever K9 Adoptions