Looking for the life you thought you would have with your dog?

We can help.

We will teach you how to get the good dog you want, how to maintain and keep your dog in a good state of mind, and to provide continuous and trustworthy leadership every day for the rest of your dog’s life so your dog can live in a relaxed, healthy, and happy state of mind and be the dog that your family and friends wish was their dog.

We offer ongoing support and after-care for all our clients for the dog’s life.


* I personally had a session with one of my dogs and was very impressed with their training techniques!

Joanne M @Furever K9 Adoptions

Furever K9 Adoptions

We sent both our dogs to work with Don as part of his board and train program. I could never recommend any dog trainer more. I was at a point where I felt a major lack of confidence with my interactions with my dogs. I had participated in traditional dog training programs, as well as consulted with a behavior expert. My dogs were basically good dogs, but my older dog wanted to attack any other dog she saw. Taking them to the vet or to the groomer was a challenge. I couldn’t walk them confidently outside of our home. Although they are great with people, they lacked basic manners so it was stressful to have people come over to our house. They rushed to the door and would just be constantly too close to anyone who came to visit. They were always seeking attention. They were bored and they lacked structure. This has all completely changed. Don truly cares for and loves your dogs while they are with him. Don spent hours with my husband and I training us on how to be more effective pet owners. The root of most of our issues was, of course, in us as owners. I knew this, but I also knew I couldn’t commit the time needed to get them to a baseline point, but I COULD be able to maintain a program once my dogs and my family were trained. My dogs and my expectations of myself and my dogs has dramatically changed for the better. If you want happy, well balanced, obedient dogs who are truly part of the family please consider calling and having a consultation with Don. He is honest, dependable and really really cares for the well being of your animals.
October 9, 2016

Debbie and Leon Gross

Debbie and Leon Gross